Sell your trucks or trailer to us

If I sell my truck to Degroote Trucks & Trailers when can I expect my payment?

If we make an agreement with you we will discuss our payment terms. If you offer your truck to us with complete details and information we strive to get you an offer within 48Hrs, upon agreement we generally settle the payment within 48Hrs. After we receive confirmation of the payment we pick up the truck or trailer or you deliver the trucks as is agreed.

Can I sell an entire fleet of vehicles to Degroote Trucks & Trailers?

You can offer your entire fleet or part of your fleet at once. We have a very broad and international customer base which allows us to handle bigger deals. Please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our purchase team.

Sales procedure and documents

Is it possible to make a testdrive?

When you come to one of our companies you can make a testdrive together with one of our mechanics or a member of the sales team.

Can I get export plates and insurance?

We can provide a wide range of export plates and export documents, please have a look at our offer here

Is there any guarantee on the trucks or trailers?

All trucks and trailers which arrive at our facility go through our truckwash and get cleaned internally. After this a technical inspection is performed to establish the condition of the truck upon arrival. All large malfunctions, i.e. malfunctions to the main components: engine, gearbox, driveline, are either repaired or clearly indicated during the sales.

Do the trucks still have a valid technical inspection?

We have a wide selection of trucks and trailers with origins from different countries. Trucks which just arrive at our facility tend to still have a valid inspection report. If you buy a truck or trailer with us we can perform the Belgian or Dutch import procedure and the accompanied inspection.

How can I pay for a truck?

You can either pay via bank transfer, international bank transfer, Visa, cash or L/C. Our bank details are:

BELGIUM - Degroote Trucks & Trailers nv

ING Belgium SA/NV
IBAN: BE68 3850 0487 6234

THE NETHERLANDS - Degroote Trucks & Trailers NL BV

ING Netherlands BV
IBAN: NL92 INGB 0652 6892 48

Do I need to pay the entire sum at once?

If we agree on the deal you can make an advance payment to establish the deal, this varies from deal to deal but is mostly set at 10% of the total value of the deal. This way you can pay the full amount on a later but preset date by your preferred method of payment.

Can I reserve a truck or trailer?

We can take reservations for a limited time if we have an agreement for a deal, and after receiving an advance payment of 30% of the total value of the agreement.

Can I pay by Letter of Credit (L/C)?

It is possible to pay via L/C however this is reviewed case by case, so please contact someone of our sales team if you’re interested in ordering a truck via L/C. Whatever the case all L/C transactions are subjected to the following conditions:

  • Irrevocable and confirmed.
  • All charges are entirely borne by the originator.
  • An administration fee is added to the total sum.

First step is always to get a sales agreement and predetermine against what documents the delivery will take place. With this sales agreement you can request your bank to open an L/C. After confirmation of our bank we will proceed with the delivery of the goods and deliver. Upon receiving and confirming the goods and the documents our bank will release the funds to us.

Do I need to pay tax if I export a truck?

If you buy a truck or trailer and export it out of the European Union, you don’t need to pay tax. However if you buy a truck and export it yourself via the road we will need a tax warrant. The tax warrant will be set at the total amount due on the agreement. Once we receive a confirmation from the customs at your exit point the tax warrant will be refunded to you.

Are the prices shown on the website including tax or excluding?

All advertised prices are excluding tax and Ex Works, i.e. as is in our yard.

Transport and shipping

Can you deliver a truck at my doorstep?

We have a transport division within our company which delivers trucks within the Benelux on a daily basis. Please let us know where you want your truck to be delivered and we will make a quote. Concerning export, we have a minimum of 1 daily journey to the seaport of Antwerp. On most vehicles we have a fixed transport price to Antwerp, this from both our Belgian site in Wingene and our Dutch site in Breda.

Can you export a truck or trailer for me?

Truck, trailer or car, we can quote a very competitive shipping rate to almost anywhere in the world. On top of that we make sure all your documents are ready for export. In other words we are your 1 stop export solution.

When will my truck/trailer arrive?

Road transport deliveries within the Benelux we try to serve within a week after complete payment of the truck or trailer. Worldwide deliveries depend on the destination and the shipping dates. However as a rule of thumb most African and Middle Eastern ports can be delivered within a month to a month-and-half.

Is it possible to load several truck/trailers on top of each other to save on the shipping costs?

Whenever you order more than 2 trucks or trailers we will help you get the best transport and shipping rates. Either by stacking and securing trailers on top of each other, arranging shipping via flat rack or disassemble trucks to fit them onto a trailer. Please contact us for your best offer.

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