Selling procedure

  • Offer your truck on our purchasing platform or contact our team so we can come and take a look;

  • Please let us know if and where we have to come and collect the truck or trailer;

  • Please let us know when the truck(s) or trailer(s) will be available;

  • Once we have received all information, we’ll give you a target price within 48 hours;

  • After agreement and once we have received the invoice we’ll make the payment within 48 hours;

  • Once you have received the payment, we handle the shipping as agreed.

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Sell your stock of trucks

Sell your trucks and trailers

Degroote Trucks & Trailers is constantly on the lookout for used trucks and trailers. We have an active purchasing network in Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands and we buy trucks in other Western European countries as well. Wherever in the world you are located, don’t hesitate to sell us your trucks and other vehicles. We look at all offers in great detail assuming full information is provided. If we are interested we will quickly make an offer at a market conform price and finalize the payment and transport as soon as possible.

Custom deals

We are particularly interested if you plan to sell trucks in bigger lots, for example 20 trailers or a complete fleet of vehicles including machines and cars. So don’t hesitate to present us with such an offer. We also buy accident trucks and or vehicles that suffered damage to major components such as the engine, gearbox or driveline. If you buy a new truck with us we can also trade it for your used vehicle. Whatever your situation is, we go out of our way to offer you the best solution adjusted to your needs.

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