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Most recent version dated 26 April 2019

DEGROOTE TRUCKS & TRAILERS NV (DTT or “we”) takes your rights in the processing of personal data very seriously. In this document, DTT will explain how it collects, processes and uses your data. This document presents DTT’s general policy in the area of data processing.

The party responsible for processing is DEGROOTE TRUCKS & TRAILERS NV (DTT), Hille-Noord 1, 8750 Wingene, Belgium, registered as an NV (limited company) with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (KBO) number 0415.584.325. For questions regarding this statement and our policy, contact the ICT service via For questions that require more than simple information we may ask you to identify yourself so that we are sure that the requested information and data is provided to the right person.        

When and for what purposes does DEGROOTE TRUCKS & TRAILERS NV collect and process data?

DTT collects and processes your personal data when you the customer wish to make use of one of our services or when you contact us in another way (via the website). We group these activities under the heading “customer management” and the main purpose is completing projects that we have entered into with you.

If you are a supplier, then we process your data or those of your contact persons in the framework of supplying products or services, for the general purpose of “suppliers administration”. In this case, it is also possible that we include your data in our job planning with those of our own employees.

We further process your data, as customer or supplier, when compiling invoices and other documents for bookkeeping. This is the purpose “bookkeeping”.

Finally, it may be that we process your data because it is important or could be important for our activities, for example with regard to your advice or services. These activities are described as “communications” or “public relations”.

What kinds of data does DTT collect and process?

These are data that you provide us with and that we need for the implementation of the project you have requested from us, such as your name, address, email address and professional information, such as company name and VAT number. Usually you provide us with this information directly, but it is also possible that we receive the information from other parties who work with you. The data may also include indications of your interests in, and plans for, future projects.

We may process certain data from suppliers in order to enable us to plan this work properly. This includes such things as availability and time-scheduling, as well as the type of work.

We process financial information in the framework of book-keeping. Information about your job position and work activities is processed in the framework of communications or public relations.

How does DTT collect your data?

We collect this information when your fill in a form for such information (either on paper or electronically). Sometimes this takes place via a conversation, telephone contact or exchange of emails.

Usually we receive such information directly from you. It may, however, occur that we receive the information indirectly. This is the case with information about suppliers’ employees who are active in our yards, which we receive from the suppliers themselves. We will inform you where we obtained your information.

We use cookies on our website; you can find more information about this in our cookie policy. The particular reason we do this is to bring the contents and user-friendliness of the website in line with users’ needs. In addition, we process your information in order to fulfil the obligations arising from making the website and its contents available, and in order to make it possible for you to use the interactive applications and services of our website.

What are DTT’s basic principles when processing information?

In principle we collect and process your data based on the contractual relation we have as a result of your order and the contract that we have entered into with you. This is also the basis for the processing of information about suppliers and for “bookkeeping” purposes.

When processing is not required for fulfilling contractual relations, such as for communications and public relations, it is based on the justified interests of the company, in particular the freedom of enterprise and information. In that regard, we always ensure that there is a balance between your interests and ours, for example, by allowing you the right to object.

Is information shared with third parties?

Your information is primarily processed internally by the service/person responsible for these activities in the framework of customer management, supplier management, job planning, bookkeeping and communications/public relations. This information may be passed on to processors we engage for certain punctual services or orders, but always with our oversight.

Sometimes we are obliged to share your information. This is primarily the case when we are legally obliged or when government bodies who have a right to such information request it from us. In such cases, we check to be sure that the conditions governing the request for information have been met.

In principle, your information is never shared with third countries or international organisations.  

Your rights

You can always view the data about you that we process and, if necessary, correct or delete it. To do so, simply contact ICT services by email with proof of your identity. We request this in order to ensure that your information is not shared with someone who is not entitled to it.

If you do not agree with the way in which DTT processes your information, you can submit a complaint to the Data Protection Authority (, Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussels.


Privacy Policy DEGROOTE TRUCKS & TRAILERS NV reserves the right to make alterations to this statement and/or policy. Users will be notified of such alterations via the website.

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